Press Release

Comms365, a specialist in bespoke connectivity solutions today announces LoRaWAN capabilities, which integrate with its M2M and 4G services to offer a complete end-to-end Internet of Things solution for both enterprise and SME customers.

After joining the LoRa Alliance earlier this year, Comms365 now unveils its support for LoRaWAN, the leading Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) standard which is critical to supporting IoT deployments in multiple market verticals. LPWAN technologies are the essential underpinning connectivity option for battery-powered devices, and are projected to capture an increasingly large share of the IoT market. Machina Research estimates that there will be 27 billion IoT connections by 2025 and total industry revenue opportunity will reach $3 trillion.

LoRaWAN networks make it possible to have millions of sensors collecting and sending data at lower cost, over longer range, and with better battery life than other connectivity options. Comms365 is combining this key IoT technology with its wider range of data connectivity services to offer scalable network solutions capable of supporting large scale network deployments and complete end-to-end IoT solutions.

Examples of LoRaWAN technology in action include three key applications that are sought after by facilities and operations managers: Smart Parking, Smart Waste and Smart Vermin control. Using a single LoRaWAN gateway, multiple sensors can send and receive data regarding parking spaces, waste bin fill levels, and pest trap occupancy. Using this data via analytic algorithms allows for highly efficient use of available resources and targeted programs to save costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Nick Sacke, Head of IoT and products at Comms365 commented, “The challenge that many organisations, regardless of size are encountering, is how to design and build an IoT network capable of total estate coverage that supports their business goals. The IoT industry is still fragmented, and customers are being presented with a number of innovations and alternatives from hundreds of players. The result is a ‘wild west’ market scenario that adds perceived risk that many businesses are unwilling to take. The launch of our LoRaWAN solution is the final piece of the puzzle in allowing us to offer seamless, complete IoT connectivity for deployments cross-vertical that eliminates the need for businesses to navigate an increasingly complex market.”

Tracy Hopkins, Chief Commercial Officer at Everynet and member of the Marketing Committee at LoRa Alliance commented, “We are on now on the brink of moving from IoT being limited to only huge enterprises that can afford significant investment, to every company, regardless of size, being able to access this transformative technology. Comms365’s solutions are a key option to making this a reality. The simple end to end and scalability inherent in these make it a very low risk approach enabling anyone to deploy the best technology to address their immediate and future IoT business needs”