Press Release

Devicescape today announced it has entered a strategic partnership with the UK arm of Universal Pictures International, focused on innovation in proximity engagement and data analysis.

The partnership will see Universal use the Devicescape Engage proximity marketing solution to build location-targeted engagement campaigns into promotional activities for film releases across the UK.

The two companies will also harness the rich datasets generated by the Devicescape Engage platform to develop a unique, actionable, and in-depth understanding of the UK cinema-goer experience.

Improved understanding of the entire cinema experience will allow Universal and Devicescape to develop more effectively targeted marketing campaigns, and increase the range of contextually relevant outreach to cinema-goers.

The partnership builds upon the two companies’ successful collaboration to deliver innovative proximity campaigns for a number of Universal Pictures releases in the UK, including Illumination’s Sing, Fast and Furious 8, and Illumination’s upcoming Despicable Me 3, in UK cinemas June 30th.

“This is a hugely exciting partnership for Devicescape to be involved in,” said Dave Fraser, CEO of Devicescape. “Besides being one of the world’s most successful film studios, Universal is a renowned innovator. We are delighted to be collaborating to break new ground in both promoting and better understanding cinema-going in the UK.”

Launched early in 2017, Devicescape Engage brings unrivalled scale to proximity marketing.

It uses Devicescape’s Curated Virtual Network of shared public Wi-Fi to establish consumers’ presence at numerous retail, hospitality, leisure, and transport destinations, and trigger the delivery of location-aware, targeted engagement messages to consumers’ smartphones.

Click through rates for commercial Devicescape Engage campaigns delivered in 2017 have ranged between 9 and 13%.