Press Release

Community Fibre, London’s fastest 100% full-fibre broadband provider and Netgem have concluded an agreement to launch Community Fibre TV, leveraging Netgem’s new branded solution for UK ISPs. The service will launch early next year, following on the success with Origin TV this year.

This announcement comes shortly after Community Fibre was awarded best Consumer ISP at the ISPA Awards 2020, an attended event by the entire community of UK Alternative Networks. The ceremony celebrated achievements from this growing group of ISPs who are actively helping the UK to level up with other European developed countries for Gigafast Broadband access.

In a year marked by exceptional amounts of time spent at home and the accelerated adoption of video conferencing services, demand has boomed for faster broadband at affordable prices. Community Fibre delivers broadband packages with speeds up to 3Gbps and is the first to make multi-gigabit speed a reality in London, ensuring the capital’s communities are ready to cope with the increased broadband demands for years to come.

Community Fibre TV will look to hit the sweet spot of a ‘Pay TV lite’ solution, offering the best streaming experience across TV in 4K UHD and Mobile devices and combining the most popular TV channels and On-demand content across all genres, with popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Youtube 4K, Britbox, Rakuten TV Movies and many others.

Sylvain Thevenot, Chief Commercial and Customer Officer (C3O) for Netgem commented: ”London consumers will finally get to enjoy the full 21st century entertainment experience combining award winning connectivity from Community Fibre with the top-of-the-range TV service we have developed for UK ISPs. The service pulls together all the most popular live channels with easy-to-find streaming titles across many On-demand platforms, keeping everyone entertained on faster broadband and at an affordable price.”