Press Release

Confirmit has partnered with Infobip, a world leader in mobile messaging, to enable organisations running Market Research, Customer Experience or Employee Engagement programmes to benefit from enhanced international SMS capabilities and coverage.

The integration of Infobip’s SMS technology with Confirmit’s SMS Flex extension provides coverage of 800 mobile networks in 190 countries and offers a streamlined process for the design and deployment of SMS surveys. The ability to send cost-effective SMS survey invites and receive timely responses will extend the reach and immediacy with which feedback can be gathered via the mobile channel.

Terry Lawlor, EVP Product Management at Confirmit explained: “In an increasingly mobile world, most survey participants have their mobile phone with them at all times – even in situations when they might be considered ‘offline’ due to poor internet coverage or data roaming constraints. Approaching mobile users for feedback via their preferred method of communication, at any time, in any location, represents a real opportunity for market insights and customer experience professionals to understand consumers in new and insightful ways.”

The Infobip/Confirmit integration will enable customers, panellists or employees to be invited to take part in a variety of short, personalised or branded SMS surveys:

• One-way (an SMS message provides the participant with a short URL link to an online mobile web survey)
• Two-way (the participant receives an SMS message question and answers by replying directly with an SMS message)
• A combination of both (the participant has the option of clicking on the short URL link to complete the online mobile web survey, or to answer the survey by replying with an SMS message)
• Keyword (SMS surveys are initiated by participants sending a keyword from his/her mobile phone)

Kevin Britt Country Manager UK and Ireland at Infobip added: “SMS surveys offer a hugely engaging and efficient way to measure customer experiences in a simple and highly convenient manner. Asking for feedback ‘in-the-moment’ undoubtedly delivers far greater accuracy because you are engaging with participants immediately after the experience takes place. What’s more, for customers who choose only to provide their mobile number as their point of contact, SMS is the only logical solution.”

Harnessing SMS in feedback and research programmes complements existing survey methods, enabling companies to send timely reminders to take part in online surveys, for example. More importantly, it offers increased survey invite open rates (SMS benefits from a 98% average), improved response rates (typically 30% or more) and all mobile phones have SMS capability.

“The mobile channel offers the flexibility, convenience and speed that customers and employees now expect when engaging and communicating with brands and employers,” continued Lawlor. “There is clearly huge potential for SMS going forward for organisations that want to proactively seek feedback, and we are delighted to have partnered with Infobip to offer enhanced SMS capabilities as part of the Confirmit Horizons platform.”