A new study by psychologists from Northumbria University discovered that people who believe in conspiracy theories linking coronavirus to 5G are more likely to feel justified to have a violent response towards the technology.

The study included more than 600 people with findings published in the British Journal of Psychology and found a correlation between those believing in the conspiracy theories and their level of ‘state anger’ i.e. a greater justification of violence in response to any supposed link between 5G mobile technology and coronavirus.

Dr Daniel Jolley, a Senior psychology lecturer at Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK, said “Our novel findings extend our understanding and provide the first empirical link between 5G Covid-19 conspiracy beliefs and violent reactions"

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, fires have been started on 5G masts across Europe, Canada, the US and New Zealand by conspiracy theorists who mistakenly believe the technology’s radiation is causing the Covid-19 symptoms, rather than a virus.