A new report from the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) reports that 22 operators are known to be already deploying 5G networks using mmWave spectrum while 13 countries/territories have announced specific plans for assigning frequencies above 24 GHz between now and end-2021.

The GSA report that 97 operators in 17 countries hold public licences enabling operation of 5G networks using mmWave spectrum with the 24.25–29.5 GHz 5G mmWave spectrum range is the most-licensed/deployed to date.

In addition there are now 27 commercially available 5G devices with a total 84 devices announced supporting one or more of the 5G spectrum bands above 24 GHz.

Joe Barrett, President, Global mobile Suppliers Association said “5G mmWave spectrum offers large amounts of bandwidth to deliver far greater capacity, faster downloads and more subscribers, making it ideally suited for high data throughput applications such as video communications, video animations, data hungry applications such as virtual and augmented reality and the rapid deployment of Fixed Wireless Access.”

The GSA publish a quarterly Spectrum Auction Calendar, last updated in June 2020, which monitors the changing industry developments on spectrum release activities.