Press Release

Proximity Data Centres Limited, the UK’s fastest growing regional edge colocation data centre provider, today announced a major network enhancement to its edge colocation data centre at Chester Gates (Proximity Edge 4).

Proximity is collaborating with Zayo Group to deliver a high-capacity low latency fibre network to businesses located in the North West of England, allowing a range of high-speed services to be delivered including ultrafast broadband connections. In addition, the new Zayo network point of presence at Proximity Edge 4 will offer low latency circuits to data centre hubs in Dublin and the USA, therefore allowing increased resilience for customer organisations requiring multiple connections to cloud services. Zayo will complete the connection within the next three months.

This initiative is in line with Proximity Data Centres’ ongoing North West go-to-market colocation data centre strategy. The company opened two edge colocation data centres – in Liverpool and Chester – last December.

John Hall, Managing Director – Colocation – Proximity Data Centres said, “I am delighted that Zayo is working with us to deliver high-capacity low latency services to the North West. Since acquiring two data centres in the region last year, which added a further six megawatts to our portfolio, we have had significant demand from businesses, applications developers and content delivery networks looking to use these high-quality facilities to move data and content closer to users. Collaborating with Zayo will allow us to offer enhanced services to these customers.”

"Proximity’s colocation data centre at Chester Gates is ideally located as a strategic point of presence for Zayo’s high-capacity fibre network extending between Dublin and the North West of England,” said Yannick Leboyer, Chief Operations Officer of Zayo, Europe. "This collaboration supports the growing network demands and low latency needs of many more businesses and service providers across the North West region.”

Proximity’s growing network of UK regional edge data centres will expand to 18 sites within the next 12 to 18 months. This will enable the company to offer UK-wide coverage with all its edge data centres selected for their proximity to major conurbation areas. Its scalable edge facilities meet individual customer requirements, from specific regional data centre services through to multi-site rollouts. Built to tier 3 industry standards and ISO 9001 Quality, 14001 Environmental and 27001 Security compliant, all data centre grid electricity is sourced from 100% renewable providers. In addition, each data centre develops renewable energy solutions, including battery storage, solar and wind power wherever possible.