Virgin Media is now the UK’s biggest provider of superfast broadband services

Virgin Media is set to boost the speed of its fastest networks to 350Mbps from Spring 2018, according to a company release.

"Our top speed has increased 15 x over the past decade – up from what now seems a ludicrously slow 20Mpbs in 2007, to a blindingly fast 300Mpbs today – and soon things are going to get even faster. In the Spring we’re planning to start rolling out ultrafast broadband services of up to 350Mbps," said executive director for Connectivity, Anthony Vollmer.

Virgin Media has embarked upon a huge fibre rollout programme, which has seen it become the biggest builder of fibre networks in the UK. Today, Virgin Media estimates that 70% of its customers are signed up to tariffs which provide speeds in excess of 100Mbps.

"The huge investment we’ve made to grow and upgrade our network is what’s powering our latest speed boost. Through Project Lightning, we’ve become the largest new broadband builder in the UK over the past two years, surpassing the new build of all other competitors combined. Overall, almost 15 million premises are now able to access our gigabit-capable network in the UK & Ireland," Vollmer added.  

Joanne Dutton, strategy director for project Lightning at Virgin Media will be speaking at this year’s Connected Britain event. Joanne will be sharing her considerable expertise during an interactive panel session focussing on accelerating Britain’s path to gigabit capable networks. Click here for a full agenda.