Nokia has joined forces with Luxembourg’s biggest internet service provider, Post Luxembourg, to bring fibre-like speeds to the country’s legacy infrastructure

Nokia is to boost internet speeds for residents in Luxembourg by deploying technology to increase speeds on the country’s existing copper infrastructure. 

An estimated 60% of people in Luxembourg already have access to full fibre networks, leaving the remaining 40% reliant on legacy copper infrastructure. Post Luxembourg is in the process of rolling out fibre connections across the country. In the meantime, Nokia has joined forces with Post Luxembourg to provide services to customers in residential apartment blocks, and other ‘hard to access’ spots for fibre, across the country. 

"The technology today makes sense for us in buildings where it is difficult or impossible to modernise the internal cabling of the building. While Post Luxembourg’s main objective remains to bring the fibre all the way up to the customers apartment, will be used in buildings where rewiring is at present not possible. Through this investment, Post enables the customer to profit from higher speed offers as soon as the building is connected to the FTTH network," said Gaston Bohnenberger, managing director of Post Technologies.

Federico Guillén, president of Nokia’s Fixed Networks Business Group, said that the access would dramatically improve services for residents in hard to reach places. 

"This multi-technology mix of fibre and copper makes absolute sense when rolling out ultra-broadband networks. The reality is that Fibre-to-the-Home can, in some cases, take years to deploy due to challenging local conditions. Today’s copper technologies have advanced so much that they can offer fibre-like speeds to enhance the way customers experience their broadband services," he said.