Press Release

Billions of new devices, driven by the proliferation of 5G networks and the Internet of Things, will generate a surge in data with a forecast of 1.8 billion new 5G connections just five years from now . Digital mediation is a critical component of a communications service provider’s (CSP) cloud infrastructure, helping them facilitate business transformation by monetizing new innovative services at a radically lower cost.

Today, CSG (NASDAQ: CSGS) officially introduces its Digital Mediation platform, a cloud-first solution proven in both private and public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, that helps CSPs monetize 5G and B2B2x opportunities with minimal risk, while reducing disruption to their existing systems.

CSG Digital Mediation eases the burden and simplifies the process required to manage the anticipated data surge from 5G and enterprise IoT. The platform is optimized for scaling, offering customers new methods to automate key digital mediation processes, and efficiently capitalize on opportunities to monetize new services.

By leveraging the CSG Digital Mediation, CSPs can be ready for an influx of data, providing the flexibility needed to scale and support growth as it occurs, while delivering significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. The new capabilities and advantages include:

• Multi-site orchestration: Manage multiple instances from a single browser console, reducing the effort to manage complex deployments.
• Game-changing user experience: Reduce the effort to configure mediation with unique capabilities, such as a new plug-in wizard used to set up integration adapters.
• Faster deployment: Remove the need for technical support during rollout by eliminating the traditional thick desktop client with a full web-based UI that is quicker and easier to deploy.
• 5G architecture optimization: Rapidly monetize new 5G data services with a new 5G Dynamic Charging Function that delivers the value of 5G standalone networks. Fulfill the roles of both the 3GPP 5G Charging Function (CHF) and the Charging Gateway Function (CGF) with a single platform and simplify the complexity of all interfaces between the network and BSS functions.
• Preserve existing investments: Easily integrate new 5G core networks with existing prepaid charging and OCS billing platforms; shield them from the complexities of 5G standalone deployments, such as new service-based interfaces and dynamically instantiated cloud network functions.
• Automatic OCS offload and input throttling: Automatically control the recovery of source and downstream system outages without revenue loss or the need for active user management.
• Elastic scaling: Automated scaling to process huge charging volumes based on real-time traffic demand, optimizing performance and infrastructure costs.
• Unparalleled capacity: Process millions of transactions a second with affordable infrastructure to deploy.

“Efficient, scalable mediation is fundamental to executing a successful digital transformation, providing a cornerstone for usage-based processing in next generation revenue management and service assurance,” said Chad Dunavant, global head of product management, CSG. “As CSPs grapple with the rapid evolution of digital services, CSG Digital Mediation enables quick response to the changing demands of their mediation operations.”

For more information about CSG Digital Mediation, visit here.