Press Release

Centile Telecom Applications, one of the leading European developer of unified communications platforms for operators and integrators, accompanies the Spanish operator Voz-Telecom, as part of an innovative project, to enable business users to connect their Gmail / G-Suite environment to telephony.

Voz-Telecom utilized the Centile Telecom Applications’ ISTRA platform in order for this to be possible. Through this implementation Voz-Telecom has developed, via Google API’s, a telephony application into Gmail that provides an interface with Enterprises’ business solutions of companies. This evolution aims to strengthen the competitive advantage of Voz-Telecom by offering an innovative and convergent offer, but also an alternative to Microsoft. With this in mind, Voz-Telecom targets to offer SMEs a new generation communication solution that promotes productivity and collaborative work.

Accordingly, with this application deployment Voz-Telecom’s customers are now able to access powerful unified communications features such as:

• The integration of all ISTRA enterprise contacts to Gmail environment in WebRTC
• The possibility to call from Gmail
• The display of the caller emails on incoming calls
• Click to call from Gmail from any user terminal
• The use of videoconference, audio conference and screen sharing tools
• The access to video calls via Google video and calls recording
• The tracking of missed, received and made calls history

All these features are available through the ‘phone-g-net’ application, for any type of audience and from an attractive and easy to use interface.

With this innovative implementation, Centile Telecom Applications once again demonstrates the key role of the ISTRA platform in developing disruptive services by combining telephony, collaborative work and unified communications globally. A true partner for operators, ISTRA solution is a key link in their competitiveness.

Xavier Casajoana, CEO at Voz-Telecom explains: “We were looking for a partner who could accompany us in the evolution of our offer. We turned to Centile Telecom Applications, our historical partner, for its industrial approach, the flexibility and the openness of its ISTRA solution which allows to create disruptive services and in our case, to closely combine telephony and Gmail environment. Our customers can therefore access new benefits and experience a more fluid and user-friendly work experience”.