The numbers of enterprise 5G projects is rocketing but the share of deals won by Communications Service Providers (CSPs) has fallen significantly

A new enterprise 5G report has shown that the number of enterprise 5G projects has doubled in the past year and yet the share of enterprise 5G deals led by Communications Service Providers (CSPs) has fallen from 21% in 2020 to 16% today. The report issued by Beyond by BearingPoint and Omdia concludes that CSPs are starting to recognise the opportunity of the enterprise 5G market but are failing to commit dedicated resources to capture the opportunities and as a result are losing out to alternative service providers.

The report issued for the second time this year finds that CSP’s are slow to react and whilst they understand the need to embrace multiple technologies, including cloud, edge, and AI, and focus partnership options to complement 5G networks they lose out to more agile enterprise partners. Alternative service providers such as private networks specialists have increased their share of the larger pot of enterprise 5G deals from 7% last year to 27% this year.

Angus Ward, CEO, Beyond by BearingPoint said “CSPs are no longer trapped in their thinking and understand that enterprise 5G is an ecosystem play, which is good news. However, despite developing and launching new strategies and forming partnerships, CSPs failed to move at the speed of enterprise demand.”

Despite this, Ward believes there is still time for CSP’s to recover the situation and capitalise on the enterprise 5G opportunity saying, “Many global and regional CSPs have now launched 5G enterprise services, still more now understand the need for a multi-technology, omni-partner, solution-oriented and verticalized approach for enterprise 5G. This is really encouraging. But as an industry, CSPs need to move faster, orchestrate ecosystems and fully commit to enterprise 5G in order to capitalise on the opportunity.”

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