Millicom, under the TIGO brand, has announced a massive upgrade to its mobile network in Honduras, Paraguay and Bolivia.

The main focus of the investment is on carrier aggregation, which allows the combination of different parts of the spectrum, paving the way for 5G deployment. The project is in partnership with Ericsson delivering modernisation of its networks with LTE, 5G-ready technology for greater speed and enhanced customer experience.

Across the three countries, TIGO will expand its network coverage to reach an additional 712 municipalities and 2.5 million people. This will address the need for connectivity region-wide as well as additional capacity, which has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and greater digital uptake in Latin America.

Xavier Rocoplan, EVP, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Millicom said “With this project, we further our purpose to build the best digital highways where we operate, to connect people, improve lives, and help develop our communities.”

Millicom is committed to bridging the digital divide and delivering greater digital inclusion in a region where 244 million people – 32 percent of the Latin American and Caribbean population – have no internet access, according to a 2020 study by the IICA, IDB, and Microsoft.