Press Release

Pioneer Consulting, the full-service submarine fiber optic telecommunications consulting and project management company, has been awarded a comprehensive technical and strategic consulting contract by CSquared to deploy the Togo Branch of Google’s Equiano Cable. CSquared and the Société d’Infrastructures Numériques (SIN), a Togolese state-owned telecommunications asset company, recently formed the CSquared Woezon joint venture to deliver enhanced digital infrastructure and connectivity to the Togolese community.

The project enabled CSquared Woezon to land the Equiano cable earlier this month by building a branch into Togo offering up to one terabit per second of capacity between Portugal and South Africa. Pioneer Consulting has been providing general subsea consulting services to CSquared Woezon, initially focusing on the design, procurement, and implementation of the Cable Landing Station and the system’s transmission equipment. Pioneer Consulting is also assisting CSquared Woezon with the development of the necessary land-based infrastructure which was required to land Google’s Equiano cable, such as the beach manhole, the outside plant, and backhaul to Lomé. Having worked on recent projects with other West African countries, Pioneer Consulting brings regional insights as well as decades of experience implementing all phases of submarine cable projects.

Pioneer played a critical role in bridging the technical and commercial needs and telecom operation capabilities of CSquared and the national interests of SIN, ensuring that both parties can move forward in their missions to better the digital infrastructure of Togo.

“It’s an honor to be working with CSquared and SIN on this vital project,” said Gavin Tully, Managing Partner at Pioneer Consulting. "This is more than just another consulting engagement for Pioneer. CSquared Woezon is accelerating Togo’s telecommunications growth and bringing benefits to the entire nation. Pioneer is thrilled to play a role in its connectivity diversification.”

“We are very pleased to have Pioneer Consulting on board this pivotal endeavor,” said Lanre Kolade at CSquared. “We selected them because of their international expert personnel and their rich experience in submarine cable implementation from procurement through to completion. We’ve already benefited from their strategic insights and look forward to working alongside Pioneer throughout this project.”

Expected to be completed in 2022, this new branch off of Google’s Equiano cable is the latest and most advanced subsea fiber optic cable to connect to Togo, and brings with it connectivity diversity that will help achieve the Togo Digital 2025 Strategy.