Press Release

VoIP and telecommunications industries are very dynamic. The rules of the game are changing every year. To reach the long-term stability, all products and solutions require permanent update and modernization.

How do companies measure customer satisfaction and loyalty? One of the most important performance indicators is the retention rate. It reflects the quality and competitiveness of the software product and helps providers to gain a reputation as a reliable company.

MediaCore SBC, a VoIP carrier platform developed by Speedflow, is proved to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy VoIP solutions on the market. It has hundreds of customers! Many of them have been using the MediaCore SBC for years, about four years on average. But there are some long-term MediaCore customers, that have been working with the platform for a decade!
New VoIP solutions appear every month. Business rules are changing frequently following innovations in the telecommunications industry. How can Speedflow compete on the market for such a long period? First of all, retention can’t be built spontaneously. It is a consistent long-term process, that requires a well-coordinated work of different departments. Secondly, the company releases new versions of the MediaCore regularly, based on the demand of the moment. The company has a broad experience not only as a vendor but also as a service provider, so they can predict industry trends, being pioneers on the market.

Furthermore, MediaCore is a fully functional VOIP carrier solution that doesn’t require integration with third-party systems to operate properly. The company uses an integrated approach to upgrade all components evenly, which guarantees high usability and smooth operation of the MediaCore users.

Finally, our proactive technical support is always online not only to answer customer’s questions but to monitor the state of the software and hardware and provide preventive action if needed. All these factors allow Speedflow to have such MediaCore customers who trust the company for 10 years and more, staying afloat in a volatile market.

Speedflow contacted some of their clients with 10 years of the MediaCore experience and asked for their feedback. You can read their comments at More testimonials are also available on the website. Contact Speedflow at to learn more about the MediaCore SBC.