The European Commission has asked telcos in Europe to adopt a more collaborative approach to network security

Germany’s biggest telco, Deutsche Telekom, has said that it would be open to sharing data with other operators in an attempt to ramp up 5G security, according to a report by Reuters.

Earlier this week, the European Commission appealed to European telcos to work more collaboratively on 5G, in order that it could avoid banning certain vendors from the continent’s rollout programmes.

“There is nothing more important for our industry than ensuring the security of the networks we operate in,” Srini Gopalan, head of European business at Deutsche Telekom told Reuters journalists in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

“We would like to do everything productive and positive to enhance that.”

Deutsche Telekom is expected to begin its 5G rollout in Germany in the first half of 2020, with Austria set to follow later in the year.  

The European Commission has said that telcos should collaborate more closely in order to deliver a truly secure 5G experience.

The US has continually lobbied for Chinese network equipment provider, Huawei, to be banned from Europe’s 5G rollout programme, on the basis that their products pose a risk to national security. However, a host of European network operators have rushed to Huawei’s defence, urging the EC to devise strategies to enable them to work with the Chinese tech giant.

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