Press Release

telent Technology Services Ltd (telent), a leading UK technology and network services company, has been awarded extensions by Highways England for all three of its Regional Technology Maintenance Contracts (RTMCs).

The extensions for contracts in the East, South East and M25 regions cover the continued provision of technology maintenance services through to Summer 2021 and include assets that are critical to the efficient and safe operation of England’s Strategic Road Network (SRN).

Steve Clarke, telent’s RTMCs Contract Manager, said: “Our RTMC teams work extremely hard to ensure customer satisfaction and take great pride in their work, so I’m delighted that Highways England has recognised this by awarding these contract extensions.”

Across the three RTMCs, telent maintains over 34,000 mission critical assets which include: CCTV cameras, Message Signs & Signal Indicators, Midas equipment, Weather Stations, Emergency Roadside Telephones, National Traffic Information Service (NTIS) Journey Time Outstations, Highway Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System (HADECS) and Ramp Metering sites. Many of these equipment types form an integral part of Smart Motorways, so it is absolutely vital that they are maintained effectively.

Nigel Weldon, Business Development Director of telent’s Highways business, added: “telent has been delivering intelligent solutions and network maintenance for many years and we’re very proud to be maintaining England’s SRN. In both my work and personal life, I travel thousands of miles using Highways England’s network, so it’s comforting to know that Steve and his teams are maintaining the equipment to optimum levels. The smooth and efficient running of the SRN is vital for keeping travellers safe and to the growth of England’s economy, and I am very proud of the part that telent plays.”