Press Release

Device Authority, an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution vendor for the IoT, has announced its latest KeyScaler software release with more support for Microsoft Azure IoT and a new solution for managing Hardware Security Modules (HSM).

The latest version of KeyScaler reduces complexities and risk through automation for device registration, onboarding, provisioning and management of credentials for IoT devices that connect to Azure IoT Hub. These security enhancements prevent the cloning of devices connected to Azure, and also provides secure soft storage to protect keys.

KeyScaler 6.5 also introduces a new solution called “HSM Access Controller”. This solution delivers granular authentication and authorization controls for IoT devices and enterprise services connecting to HSM platforms, extending KeyScaler APIs to include common HSM operations, such as key generation, data signing, data crypto, and key storage. There is an opportunity for HSM vendors to monetize this solution by offering an HSM as a Service model and solving another Enterprise IoT challenge that their customers are facing for IoT use cases.

“The Device Authority team continues to receive requirements from customers to provide seamless integrations between KeyScaler and Microsoft’s Azure services to manage their IoT security. With KeyScaler 6.5 we have further improved our Security Suite for Azure to enhance our synergies with Microsoft. The HSM Access Controller has great potential for our HSM partners and their customers,” said James Penney, CTO of Device Authority.

CEO Darron Antill further endorses the importance of the Microsoft Azure IoT services and the Device Authority Security Suite for Azure being tightly coupled to solve real Enterprise IoT use cases and security challenges ‘end to end’ for its medical, automotive and industrial customers. “We are very happy to develop our partnership further and the integrated value of our KeyScaler platform with Microsoft Azure IoT. Our customers are demanding it to solve real IoT application and device security problems,” he said.