Press Release

DIDWW, a leading global provider of premium quality cloud communication services, has announced that it has become an associate member of the GSMA, an industry organization representing the interests of mobile network operators worldwide.

The association’s member base now boasts more than 750 operators, as well as 400 companies from adjacent industries such as handset, device and equipment vendors, software and Internet service providers. The GSMA actively supports the latest tech innovations and developments in the mobile ecosystem to drive digital transformation and industry growth.

The GSMA membership enables DIDWW to actively participate in technical working groups, establish new business relationships and develop strategies that will greatly contribute to the wider adoption of hosted VoIP services. As a pioneer of VoIP technologies specializing in two-way voice and SMS cloud solutions, DIDWW will also share its expertise and valuable experience to unlock new opportunities for a wide range of business sectors including telecom, financial services, healthcare, media, transportation, and more.

Lina Zaboras, CEO of DIDWW, said, “We’re excited to join the GSMA and be able to seize the opportunity to collaborate in technology innovation projects, join exclusive networking events, and make even more companies aware of the many possibilities VoIP has to offer. Also, we very much look forward to working with other, like-minded members of this organization to address emerging challenges related to globalization, security policies and regulatory compliance.”

In addition, DIDWW has the official status of LIR (Local Internet Registry) and is a member of RIPE ("European IP Networks"), a non-profit association that ensures the administrative and technical coordination necessary to enable the operation of the Internet. DIDWW is also a part of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), which is a specialized agency of the United Nations that focuses on information and communication technology issues.