Press Release

APIs are an essential part of any web application today, helping businesses to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative services while responding to ever-changing digital markets. DIDWW, a leading cloud telecommunication service provider, has announced that customer address and identity management is now fully available via their REST API.

This latest update to the DIDWW API enables customers to fully automate the submission and management of end-user details required for the DID number registration compliance. The company has designed the Identities & Addresses feature to simplify the entire process, thus significantly reducing the time customers typically spend when completing the registration procedure.

In addition, the DIDWW API is geared towards telecom operators, allowing them to fully integrate DIDWW products and expand their service portfolios. A wide range of account management functions can be performed, including ordering and configuring phone numbers all around the world, creating SIP trunks, configuring voice capacity limits, retrieving call data records, and more. On top of that, another significant enhancement to this powerful API will soon be available – a porting tool that will streamline and automate the process of phone number portability.

Marius Martinkus, Technical Operations Manager at DIDWW, said, “Through our carrier-friendly API, we offer greater flexibility, ease of management, and high scalability for any business. We’re excited to introduce Identities & Addresses functionality that will simplify and automate the end-user registration procedures.”