Press Release

Digitalk Carrier Cloud continues to build leadership in the wholesale voice market, securing 10 new operator partners in the past six months alone. The sustained success brings the total of Latin American operators onboard Carrier Cloud to more than 50, from countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

This success has been driven by two key factors. First, the ease with which operators can transition from legacy models to an outsourced operational approach on Carrier Cloud, while maintaining existing – and valuable – relationships. Second, a growing range of feature adaptations that have been implemented on Carrier Cloud to meet specific requirements in Latin America.

“Private connectivity into Digitalk Carrier Cloud has enabled us to increase capacity and reduce costs while maintaining our existing Telmex direct connects, enabling real time PNL routing capabilities” says Victor Treviño, CEO of Teligentia. “This migration has allowed us to expand our business in Mexico and offer our services into more profitable sectors.”

Digitalk Carrier Cloud reduces operational costs through efficient process automation and management. It offers many features specifically tailored for the Latin American market, including:

• Real-time charging and Reporting for continuous business monitoring
• Unlimited capacity to handle dynamic call volumes and unexpected traffic peaks
• High CPS support suitable for contact centre traffic management
• Number Portability and National Numbering Plan support
• Anatel short call charge compliance
• Interoperability with Telmex interconnection specifications

“Digitalk’s successes in Latin America are testament to the hard work of our regional business and operations teams in managing rapid growth in our operation” says Giovanni Tesauro, Digitalk’s VP Sales Southern Europe and Americas, “Our strong Tier 1 and 2 partnerships confirm that our solution is a perfect fit for the region with outstanding potential for future growth”.

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