Press Release

Diksha Technologies, a leading IT transformation firm, is on track to 3X growth in the Indonesian market. Having already expanded operations in India and Africa, the firm’s COO has confirmed that these expansion initiatives have not affected the profitability of the firm.

Anand CR said, “The need for expansion was a result of healthy deal wins in the Indonesian market. There was a pressing need for onshore offices, in Indonesia, to improve efficiency.”

Another major push is the rapid IT development in the country that has placed Indonesia on the plateau of emerging markets.

“It is the most pragmatic time to plan this strategic move,” said Anand CR.

Indonesia’s large population, which exceeds over 250 million, is highly receptive to digital technology. It eases the burden of bridging the digital gap between Indonesia and the rest of the world.
Diksha Technologies is at the heart of digital transformation in Indonesia.