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Communications service providers (CSPs) play a vital role in combatting organised crime and national threats through the valuable data assets they hold. They often comply with and support government regulations to provide Lawful Interception (LI) technology that enables law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to access metadata and communications for an individual who is under authorised investigation.

However, as Networks Function Virtualisation (NFV) and Next-Generation 5G technology reshape and redefine the telecoms industry, the long established LI paradigms are set to evolve too, ensuring that LI remains applicable and compatible in the new world order.

DataBridge 6, is the cloud-native evolution of BAE Systems’ well proven and much used DataBridge LI platform.
Built as a cloud-native platform with service based architecture at its heart, DataBridge 6 addresses the challenges of NFV and 5G by adopting the principles of cloud computing and high performance software virtualization while adhering to the architecture and security principle as set out in the 3GPP standards:
• Cloud Computing: DataBridge 6 is a hardware agnostic software only platform, with Management and Network Orchestration (MANO) integration points, template driven deployments and configuration driven through modern configuration management tool sets.

• Performance: By leveraging advanced technologies such as Single-Root Input/Output Virtualization (SR-IOV) and Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), DataBridge 6 is able to achieve performance levels within a cloud environment traditionally only available through dedicated or custom hardware.

• Standards and Security: The evolution of the 3GPP standards from 33.106-8 to 33.126-8 not only defines a new LI architecture model but also new LI interfaces into the Next Generation Core (NGC) and MANO functions. Additionally 33.126-8 specifies new security requirements that are necessary to support both LI and NGC VNF authentication within a multi-tenant environment. DataBridge 6 is designed from the ground up to support these published standards and security enhancements while remaining flexible enough to accommodate implementation specific variations and the anticipated standards evolution.

Matt Benford, head of Telecoms Product & Strategy at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence said: “Security and compliance should not be an afterthought, rather should become a business and design fundamental otherwise it could severely slow down the network transformation initiatives. Without scaling down any of the functionality of hardware-based solutions, DataBridge 6 enables CSPs to automatically orchestrate and provision the required Lawful Interception capability at the same time as the CSP services in the cloud. This provides incredible flexibility to the CSPs and allows them to focus on virtualization, safe in the knowledge that they are doing it in a compliant way.”

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DataBridge 6 is the result of years of product development and aligns our solution with the latest 5G standards from 3GPP. This solution has already been deployed with a number of leading Communication Service Providers (CSPs) around the world to support their 5G initiatives.

To help Service Providers on their NFV and 5G journeys, BAE Systems recently teamed up with Light Reading to produce a guide to implementing LI in a cloud native era. This white paper walks through the mains considerations for implementing LI in NFV and 5G landscapes as well as providing a view on the best practices being adopted by industry today.

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