Google was reported to have been working with Huawei on plans to develop a home speaker system, before Huawei was added to the US’ entity list

Republican senators in the US have accused Google of putting profits before national security, over the company’s historic collaboration with Huawei on the development of a potential home speaker service.

Google was reported to be working with Huawei on the project prior to Huawei being added to the US’ entity list. The project has since been cancelled.

Republican Senator and failed Presidential hopeful, Marco Rubio, headed up a group of conservative senators from the US’ southern states, who sent an open letter to Google’s CEO, Sundar Picha, earlier this week.

"What due diligence did Google perform before agreeing to help Huawei put a listening device into millions of American living rooms," the letter read.

Rubio is known for his strong views on abortion and capital punishment and is a self-professed China sceptic.

Yet again, US government officials provided no proof to substantiate their assertion that Huawei poses any threat to the country’s national security.

The latest developments come as Huawei is waiting to find out whether it will be allowed to continue to use Google’s Android services on its smartphone handsets, as President Trump continues to dangle the sword of Damocles over his trade negotiations with China.

Huawei’s chief security officer in the USA, Andy Purdy, told CNBC news that Huawei poses no greater threat to US national security than any other foreign telecommunications company.

Earlier today, the US government passed legislation banning US government departments from doing business with the Chinese technology giant.