Press Release

Omantel, a global player in the integrated telecommunications market, is a key supporter of the Subsea Optical Fiber Communications 2019 International Summer School, presented by Google and the OSA Foundation. It runs until the 10th August 2019 at Holiday Centre Huhmari, a lakeside resort in Polvijärvi, Finland.

Intended for early stage researchers, engineers and Ph.D. or master’s degree students looking for a new field of opportunity in technology, the event involves multi-disciplinary courses covering subsea optical fibre communication. Candidates will go through an in-depth process of building a modern global communication network, with a focus on submarine system design, submarine powering, cable technology, planning, marine operations and maintenance. Speakers from Google, Facebook, Subcom, Alcatel Submarine Networks, NEC and more will help attendees to understand, innovate and prepare to solve challenges in the subsea cable industry.

“We are proud to be supporting innovation in the subsea cable market and enabling the future of our industry to meet, collaborate and solve challenges. The ideas developed at Subsea Optical Fiber Communications School are crucial to the growth and development of our industry,” said Johannes Boersma, General Manager Capacity & National Accounts at Omantel. “We truly believe in the value of continued learning and are committed to the long-term transformation of the subsea cable market. The technological advancements, design concepts and innovations shared at the event will unlock new potential across the entire ecosystem.”

Ninety-nine percent of international data traffic travels through the 1.2 million kilometres of subsea optical fiber used in subsea cables today. This data traffic is set to double in the next three years. Omantel plays a vital role in the subsea cable market with its growing investments in more than 20 international subsea cables that serve areas covering more than 5 billion people. It supports global transformation with a unique global subsea cable footprint that delivers ultra-low latency connectivity to help its partners and customers to reach further.

“We are very excited about the innovative ideas being explored at the subsea school, and to find ways of incorporating these solutions into our own company. Omantel delivers world-class infrastructure to effectively serve wholesale customers and partners globally, and we are always looking for ways to further participate and support the future of a sustainable and innovative subsea cable market,” said Johannes Boersma, General Manager Capacity & National Accounts.

World-class speakers will cover a variety of topics such as the history and future of subsea cables, alongside the basics of coherent digital optical communications, architectures and management of subsea networks, and many more. The speaker agenda will encourage in-depth learning from all angles, giving candidates the best foundation to form their solutions for the future of subsea cable technologies.