Auctions 101 and 102 comprised lots of spectrum in the 24GHz and 28GHz band

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced the results of its 24GHz and 28GHz auctions, with over $2.7 billion being raised in the process.

Millimetre wave (mmWave) spectrum will be used by telcos to deliver the hyperfast, gigabit-and-beyond services that 5G will offer in the coming months and years.

As expected, the big winners in the 24GHz and 28GHz auctions were the US’ big three mobile network operators.   

AT&T paid a total of $982 million for 831 24GHz licences, while Verizon paid $505 million over a thousand 28GHz licences.

T-Mobile bid $803 million for 1,346 24GHz licences, ahead of its proposed merger with Sprint. Together, T-Mobile and Sprint will have secured sufficient spectrum to launch 5G networks capable of challenging the scope and scale of those from AT&T and Verizon.

"American leadership in 5G means deploying more airwaves for the next generation of wireless connectivity," said FCC chairman, Ajit Pai.

"The successful conclusion of our nation’s first two high band flexible, mobile-use spectrum auction is a critical step. By making more spectrum available, we’ll ensure that American consumers reap the substantial benefits that 5G innovation will bring and will extend US leadership in 5G too," he added.   

In total, almost 60 bidders took part in the 24GHz auction, including a number of regional carriers and cable providers.

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