Leroy will pick up the reins at the Dutch telco at the beginning of December

KPN has announced that former Proximus Group CEO, Dominique Leroy, will become the company’s new chief exec, with effect from the 1st of December 2019.  

Leroy will succeed Maximo Ibarra as CEO of KPN, following his decision to resign earlier this year, just 24 hours after a KPN network blackout caused Holland’s emergency services line to be unavailable for 4 hours.

Leroy brings a wealth of industry experience to the role, having previously served as CEO of Proximus Group and worked extensively with the company’s predecessor, Belgacom.

“We are very pleased to appoint Mrs. Dominique Leroy as the new CEO of KPN. Dominique is a dynamic, customer-focused and engaging leader with a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry. With her strong strategic, operational and communication skills, we are convinced that Dominique will be able to successfully execute on KPN’s strategy,” said Duco Sickinghe, chairman of KPN’s Supervisory Board.

“At the end of last year KPN unveiled its 2019 – 2021 strategy, prioritising sustainable growth in the medium term. Good progress has been made to date, driven by our dedicated Board of Management and Executive management team, and executed by our colleagues throughout the firm. With Dominique at the helm, the Supervisory Board is confident that we will see further progress in the delivery of KPN’s strategy, positioning KPN for further success in the years to come. Continuing to execute against that strategy will remain KPN’s focus,” Sickinghe added.

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