The company’s Traffic Management Solution has shown significant potential to boost 5G network performance in a series of tests

International tech giant NEC has launched its Enhanced Traffic Management Solution (TMS)for 5G mobile networks, which it says will dramatically improve the throughput capability of high speed, next generation networks.

"NEC contributes to a better experience for end users and more efficient network operations for CSPs by continuing to enhance TMS," said Kazuhiro Tagawa, general manager, Network Solutions Division, NEC Corporation.

"Our TMS has been adopted by over 20 CSPs worldwide and we look forward to seeing it drive the further advancement of 5G."

In order to realise the high speeds and low latency expected from fifth generation mobile networks, fully commercialised 5G launches will require greater throughput from core and mobile networks. NEC says that its TMS can be used to regulate network traffic as it travels between 4G and 5G network infrastructure.

Trials of the system have shown an improvement in 5G throughput by around 24 per cent, in high speed ranges in excess of 5Gbps. It also successfully reduced handover time from 4G to 5G network infrastructure by an impressive 64 per cent.

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