Press Release

Beams IT Solutions, The leading ERP partner in GCC, announced today that it has changed its all business management solution names to Bits. The name comes as a result of shortening the company name from Beams IT Solutions to Bits. The new name reflects its change in focus. Along with the change, a newly designed company logo has been revealed.

Beams IT Solutions has been developing Bits Soft ERP for the last 18 years and is a leader in all GCC countries. The company is based in Dubai but offers services in all GCC countries, as well as MENA and India. Using Bits Soft, an organization can extract valuable insights from raw data in order to make better business decisions faster and with more accuracy. The company will experiment with new solutions to spread Bits by 2022 to increase business growth and operational speed in all the industries.

“We are very excited to announce the name change and we’re confident about the new direction we’re taking,” said Beams Managing Director, Shahim EP