Press Release

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) has announced the appointment of its new President, Dr. Martha Suárez. Following her previous role as General Director of The National Spectrum Agency (ANE) in Colombia, Dr. Suárez will continue her work promoting the efficient use of spectrum, which is critical to addressing key social and economic challenges and ushering in the next generations of wireless communications.

“With dynamic spectrum access playing such a crucial role in enabling next-generation wireless technologies, I’m looking forward to working with the DSA members, governments, and regulators around the world to enable more efficient spectrum utilization,” said Suárez. “Spectrum is a key income for wireless communication systems and there are many opportunities that arise when considering flexible access to this resource. We need to create new solutions and innovate to close the digital gap and connect the unconnected. Dynamic spectrum definitely has a lot to contribute.”

After receiving her degree as Electronics Engineer from the Universidad Industrial de Santander in 2004, Suárez received her master’s degree in High Frequency Communication Systems from the University of Marne-la-Vallee, France in 2006 and her Ph.D. from the University Paris-Est in 2009. Suárez has also been a vocal proponent of efficient spectrum utilization in regional and global forums including CITEL, the ITU, and other multi-lateral organizations.

“With so much focus from government, industry, and academia on enabling shared access to spectrum, this is an exciting time for the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance to have a change in leadership, and we welcome Dr. Suárez’s guidance during this important time for spectrum management. In addition to leading a top spectrum regulator in Latin America, Dr. Suárez is an expert in dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio systems. Dr. Suárez has long been a leading voice on the need for policies enabling more efficient spectrum utilization, and how this is vital for enabling next-generation wireless technologies. We strongly believe that her leadership will be invaluable for the progress of the DSA,” said Paul Garnett, Chairman of the DSA Board.

The DSA has also announced preparations for the 2019 Global Summit, taking place in Washington D.C., June 27. Representatives from Microsoft, Google, Cisco Systems, HP Enterprise, Broadcom, Mimosa, and Ruckus Networks will join the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), policymakers and regulators from around the world, and many other speakers for the premier event on spectrum policy and spectrum management.

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