EE provided 4G service over an area equivalent to 1.5 million football pitches

EE has filled in over 12,000 square kilometres of 4G not-spots in the last 12 months, as part of its comprehensive network maintenance and expansion project.

The company upgraded more than 4,000 existing sites to boost coverage across the UK. It also built 105 new sites, to provide coverage in hard to reach areas. EE have stated that 200 emergency 999 calls have already been made in areas where there was previously no service.

“Our customers need a 4G connection wherever they go. We’ve added an enormous amount of coverage in the last year, upgrading existing sites and building completely new ones to keep our customers connected in more places than ever before. Mobile coverage is critical to consumers and businesses and can provide a lifeline for those in need of support from the emergency services – that’s why we keep focusing on filling in more mobile not-spots across Britain,” said Marc Allera, CEO at EE.

EE has brought strong, reliable 4G coverage to a number of hard to reach areas throughout the UK, including in the Scottish Highlands, The Isle of Skye and West Dumfries and Galloway.