Press Release

79 million homes will be built with FTTH access between 2021 and 2026 in Europe and the UK combined, according to the latest statistics from FTTH Council Europe. To prepare for a successful rollout, Hexatronic shares how to deliver an efficient FTTH network rollout at Connected Britain 2021.

“The scale of predicted growth is at a level we have never witnessed before in a relatively short period of time,” said Magnus Angermund, Head of North Europe at Hexatronic. “To reach these targets, the rollout needs to be highly efficient to deliver the speed that is required. However, delivering speed must not come with compromise on quality. A successful rollout requires planning and efficient action to ensure networks are robust and reliable to meet the network demands of today and the future.’

New solutions and methods are needed to reach the targets presented by FTTH Council Europe. Hexatronic share how to deploy a successful rollout in its presentation, ‘The Insider’s Guide to a Successful Project Rollout’, on the first day of Connected Britain 2021.

Tomas Jendel, Hexatronic Group CTO shares, “Meticulous planning from the very start is crucial to maintain quality and profitability in the long-term. Next, it is critical to have the expertise in place to ensure implementation and delivery of the entire process is managed by experts to ensure long-term reliability.”

“With speed and quality in place, countries will experience the difference between benefitting from FTTH now or in 50 years’ time at the current rate. Countries that are far behind must find efficient FTTH rollout methods and choosing the right partner to do this is a vital first step to enable growth in the UK and Europe.”

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