Survey uses data captured by network engineers to provide a snapshot of 3G, 4G, and 5G performance.

Research conducted by CELLSMART, a division of French managed services provider SmartCIC, has found that 5G upload speeds are in many cases insufficient to support data transfer for enterprise applications.

The Global Cellular Performance Survey was based on independent field tests conducted by 2,536 telecoms network engineers in 51 countries to capture network performance data and then analysed by the CELLSMART team.

The study discovered that du (UAE), Telia (Sweden), Deutsche Telekom (Germany), EE (UK) and Singtel (Singapore) led the way offering the highest maximum download speeds (across all technologies) which averaged 241.61 Mbps on a global basis. However, upload speeds were on average only 31.27 Mbps – just 55% better than the 4G global average.

Toby Forman, CEO at SmartCIC said “The research shows how MNOs have prioritised 5G download speeds in their initial rollouts and now there’s an opportunity to focus on enterprise demand for rapid upstream data transfer. 5G networks are showing upload speeds that are 13% of their download speeds while 4G has a balanced download/upload symmetry with 36%,”

Forman claims that through ongoing research, they will be able to provide “an accurate and evolving snapshot of how cellular technologies are performing in the field” which will ultimately benefit their customers and the broader market,”