New opportunities highlighted for WBA members and enterprise users

Wi-Fi networks in the home are set to become more interactive after the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) published new deployment guidelines on Wi-Fi Sensing which will enable new applications and revenue streams in markets such as home security, caregiving, enterprise, small business, and hospitality.
Wi-Fi Sensing is set to become an integral part of the smart home concept tapping into a previously ignored source of artificial intelligence for preventative and analytics-driven solutions. The technology uses existing Wi-Fi signals to sense motion making Wi-Fi networks more interactive. The benefits to the user fall into multiple areas including convenience, peace of mind, health insights, and privacy.
CEO of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, Tiago Rodrigues, believes this could be a great boost for Wi-Fi service providers giving them a foundation to expand into a wide variety of exciting new markets, including health care, home security and building automation.
Advocate of the technology Dr. Rajkumar Upadhyay, Executive Director C-DOT – an Indian Government owned telecommunications technology development centre -.said: “Wi-Fi technology allows frugal innovations by solving various urban and rural connectivity challenges at low cost. The Wi-Fi sensing technology enables new and evolving use cases which will find immediate application in developed countries. It is interesting to map these technologies to Indian households when the government is pushing to connect every Indian home, urban and rural, with high speed broadband connectivity.”