Press Release

The transformation of Belton Technology Group’s WAN enables seamless connectivity between manufacturing plants and offices across mainland China, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand

 Epsilon Telecommunications (Epsilon), a global connectivity provider, has been selected by Belton Technology Group, a full turnkey contract manufacturer headquartered in Hong Kong, to completely re-architect its wide-area network (WAN). Epsilon is replacing Belton Technology’s legacy Multiprotocol Label Switching
(MPLS) with a software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN), to fully transform its connectivity between manufacturing plants and its offices across mainland China, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand.

Traditional MPLS is dependent on Points of Presence (PoP) in a specific country. Epsilon’s SD-WAN solution combats the inflexible nature of MPLS WAN and enables a cost effective, highly available and flexible data communication network to keep up with Belton Technology’s surging business growth and customer demands.

“Our SD-WAN solution unleashes the full potential of on-demand connectivity. It enables Belton Technology to support new ICT innovations with a WAN that is elastic and built to scale as the business grows,” said Warren Aw, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Epsilon. “It’s been great to work together with Belton Technology to evolve its legacy WAN and provide a cost-effective, secure and high-performance network that meets its changing business needs.”

Epsilon’s SD-WAN solution provides a modern WAN architecture that can drive maximum value from cloud and digital investments. It enables flexible interconnection across the entire network and full control over routing and security services, with support for cloud-based applications and services.

“We chose Epsilon because its SD-WAN solution met our needs from the start. We needed to expand into new locations seamlessly while maintaining high performance connectivity between our manufacturing plants and offices in mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines,” said Alice Lai, Senior IT Manager at Belton Technology Group. “We’re excited to see where our relationship with Epsilon will go as we continue to grow our footprint. The team recognised how we could improve and quickly deployed the right solutions, as well as providing support throughout the entire process.”

As a geographically dispersed organisation, SD-WAN plays a pivotal role in the transformation of Belton Technology’s operations, by lowering capital and operational costs, enhancing cloud connectivity, and providing an excellent user experience.