Press Release

Furthering its commitment to strengthen the telecommunications ecosystem in India, Optiemus Infracom Limited (OIL), has partnered with Swiss company EQUIIS Technologies, to offer a secure communication solution to its enterprise clients. EQUIIS Enterprise Platform is an end-to-end encrypted communications solution that gives organisations centralised control, while ensuring total privacy for voice calls, texts and file or data transfer.

This partnership will further strengthen Optiemus’s mission to deliver secure, cutting edge technology for its consumers. It will bring together the power of Android and security of BlackBerry for enterprise clients with the most advanced securely encrypted devices and compliant communications technology. Optiemus will roll out the EQUIIS Enterprise Platform to key clients in the coming weeks.

Derek Roga, CEO, EQUIIS said: “This is another exciting partnership for EQUIIS, and we are committed to offer our secure communications platform to Optiemus Infracom Limited, and support its vision to become the preeminent leader in secure communications ecosystem in India and the region. We are working closely with Optiemus to bring the most effective and compliant method of secure communications to the India Market.”

He continued, “Forward-thinking companies, such as Optiemus Infracom Limited, recognise that organisations now face unprecedented challenges from mobile security breaches. By giving their enterprise clients access to the right mobility strategy and technology Optiemus are reinforcing their position as a leader in global communications.”

Nitesh Gupta, Director, Optiemus Infracom Limited said: “As security concerns continue to spiral globally, strategic partnerships to safeguard data has assumed prime importance. This partnership with EQUIIS Technologies is an important reflection of our commitment to deliver cutting edge, secure communication technology, to the market. It complements our existing offerings through our BlackBerry devices and will also add value to our global client base by providing them with unmatched enterprise grade mobile security, compliance and control.”