Press Release

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) saw their network reach new heights last week as they tipped over the 6Tbps mark.

LINX provide global interconnection services for networks, allowing them to meet other key networks and ‘peer’ their Internet traffic in a secure environment. This considerably increases network control and redundancy as well as reducing network latency.

The new total traffic peak reached a staggering 6.05 Terabits per second with a new maximum peak also occurring on LINX’s primary LAN in London, LON1 as this platform alone reached 5.17Tbps.

The 6.05Tbps peak excludes traffic passed between LINX members using the Private Interconnect service. This service is traditionally popular with larger content networks and is currently used by over 100 LINX members, currently at 887 individual private peering point to point connections, many of which are 100G ports – that’s a lot of additional traffic!

During 2020, LINX experienced a ripple of new maximum traffic peaks across each of their Internet exchange points in the UK, US and in the Middle East, with March 2020 peaking at 4.30Tbps. In addition to the working from home and remote learning demand, many of these peaks related to an increase in online gaming, seeing peaks as large updates get released for games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Jennifer Holmes, CCO for LINX says;

“This time last year we were quickly adjusting to the new virtual set up as lockdown hit. We saw the first of many traffic peaks, and we have continued to respond and manage the demand from our members for increased capacity.”

“To hit 6Tbps across our network is really satisfying, and considering the amount of traffic which also passes across our Private Interconnect service, this is a huge increase from this time last year. The past year has been demanding, but we are pleased to say we have kept up with capacity demands, as well as completing some major projects along the way."

LINX have had a busy start to 2021, completing major network expansion in the US as they partner with QTS Data Centers and also Iron Mountain Data Centers. Their regional Internet exchange in Manchester has just undergone a full migration to allow for further growth.

With over 10 new networks joining their membership last month, what does the rest of 2021 look like for LINX? Time will tell!