The two companies have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding, which will see them working together on consumer and industrial applications for 5G in the Central Asian nation

Swedish tech giant Ericsson has signed its 75th commercial 5G agreement, teaming up with Azercell to develop 5G in Azerbaijan.

The pair are already working together on a 5G test network in the nation’s capital, Baku, but have now signed a new Memorandum of Understanding that will see the pair working to develop full 5G commercialisation between 2020 and 2022.

“Together with Ericsson, Azercell has launched the first 5G pilot network in the country and this fact puts our company on a par with the world leaders of the mobile market. We believe that 5G along with being a major step forward for mobile internet connectivity, will also open new possibilities for enterprises and industries to deliver greater efficiencies, productivity and empower user experiences,” said Vahid Mursaliyev, president of Azercell Telecom LLC.

During the initial phase of the MoU, the pair will work together to extend the 5G test network, before pursuing a full commercial launch later.

With Azerbaijan’s abundant oil reserves in the Caspian Sea, the country will be keen to utilise 5G in an industrial capacity, to transform its hydrocarbon excavation and production facilities.

“Together with our key partner in Azerbaijan, Azercell, we are happy to open doors to wider opportunities, innovative solutions, and applications that 5G can bring,’ said Sebastian Tolstoy, head of Eastern Europe and Central Asia at Ericsson.


Ericsson now has 24 live 5G networks, spread across four continents.