While most operators are yet to rollout non-stand alone versions of 5G, Ericsson is getting ahead of the curve with its latest product launch

Swedish telecoms giant, Ericsson, has launched a range of cutting edge, standalone 5G New Radio software, Massive MIMO hardware and a range of edge solutions for distributed cloud services.

The release will allow Ericsson to begin marketing its stand-alone 5G products and services to operators across the world.

“We continue to focus our efforts on helping our customers succeed with 5G. These new solutions will allow them to follow the 5G evolution path that fits their ambitions in the simplest and most efficient way,” said Fredrik Jejdling, executive vice president and head of business area networks, at Ericsson.

With low band spectrum set to play a key role in extending 5G coverage areas, Ericsson has also launched its Inter-band NR Carrier Aggregation software, which can boost the coverage range of spectrum and boost download speeds in an indoor environment.

“Ericsson’s latest 5G offerings equip service providers with an even broader 5G portfolio by adding the Standalone NR option.  The series of solutions being added to the Ericsson 5G platform will allow service providers to deploy 5G sensibly and address new business opportunities with full flexibility. What you get is faster, cheaper, makes better use of existing assets and with fewer truck rolls.  That’s pretty cool,” said Hugh Ujhazy, VP, IOT and telecommunications at International Data Corporation (IDC), Asia Pacific. 

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