A live demonstration from Ericsson’s stand at Mobile World Congress 2018

Ericsson has demonstrated latency levels of just 6 milliseconds, during a live test at its stand at Mobile World Congress 2018. 

Using the 28GHz frequency of Ericsson’s 5G test bed, Ericsson allowed visitors to their stand to experience super low latency levels over a video conference call., providing a glimpse of what 5G will feel like. 
Granted, this wasn’t a showcase of the full 5G experience, but rather a hint at the possiibilitis to come. The call did provide a dramatically clearer and faster connection than anything I had experienced before, with no discernible lag or lull in the conversation. 
Driving down latency levels for VoIP calls is probably not going to be one of the most important use cases for developing 5G technology, but it did provide a good deal of wow factor at this year’s Mobile World Congress. 
Have a look at the live demo below…