Press Release

Qvantel, a pioneer in the field of cloud-based telecom Business Support System (BSS) solutions and services, announces partnership with the Spanish MASMOVIL Group in its ambitious digital transformation program.

Since the beginning of the Yoigo brand more than 11 years ago, Qvantel has been strongly involved in the brand’s success as a flexible and trustworthy BSS as a Service (BSSaaS) partner. With Qvantel Digital BSSaaS, now MASMOVIL, the fourth convergent operator in the Spanish market, has been able to focus on its core business and build a scalable and robust architecture ecosystem which responds to the MASMOVIL business needs, supporting for example a convergent offering and its APIfication program, with a mix of standard and tailored solutions.

Via the digital transformation program, MASMOVIL aims at becoming the digital leader in the European telecoms market in terms customer experience, lean processes and online sales. It already manages 84% of its customer care interactions through digital solutions. The evolution of the current Qvantel BSS solution, empowered by an enhanced Product Catalogue, as well as Qvantel’s close partnership and understanding of MASMOVIL business needs, will allow MASMOVIL to advance at the speed required by MASMOVIL’s culture and the competitive and fast changing Spanish market.

Qvantel has also supported the fast growth achieved by MASMOVIL. Last year, the Group was the leading Spanish operator in terms of net fixed and mobile customer acquisition with 946 000 new subscribers by the end of 2017, and MASMOVIL will keep supporting its growth with the scalability of the Qvantel BSSaaS solution.

The following graph shows the evolution of the MASMOVIL Broadband and Mobile Postpaid Net Adds:

Ove Anebygd, Qvantel CEO, says: “We have a longstanding and fruitful relationship with MASMOVIL. As their preferred partner, we continue to provide them the key solutions and services on their digital transformation journey, enabling them to offer seamless customer engagement and experiences. Embracing a continuous innovation strategy is pivotal for MASMOVIL, and Qvantel is proud to support these vital transformation and growth targets."

Fernando Molina, MASMOVIL Group CTO, comments: “Qvantel has been a key partner since the Yoigo launch in 2006. They have demonstrated commitment to quality and to our goals, transforming wherever required to deliver on our business needs. At the present, Qvantel has a crucial role in our ambitious digital transformation program.”