The deal will see the pair working together on 5G, IoT and fixed line broadband services in Denmark

Danish service provider, TDC, has selected Ericsson to rollout 5G across the country, according to a company release.

Ericsson will also provide managed services at TDC looks to overhaul its telecoms network.

TDC is looking to rollout 5G mobile services across Denmark in 2020 and Ericsson will begin deploying its 5G New Radio (NR) hardware and software products in 2019 in line with the country’s 5G licencing agreements.

“Ericsson has led the way in 5G development and standardisation, and we’re leading the way again in switching-on and rolling-out 5G around the world. We stand ready to deploy and roll-out our 5G solutions across radio and core anywhere in the world where our customers need it," said Börje Ekholm, president and CEO at Ericsson.

“TDC becomes the latest service provider in Europe that we will switch on 5G for. We are delighted to partner with TDC not just in 5G radio and core, but in related R&D and innovation, and the absolute latest in managed services through Ericsson Operations Engine. We will work with TDC to digitalise the Danish economy to ensure Danish consumers, enterprises and society benefit from the new experiences, services, and capabilities enabled by 5G.”

In addition to 5G rollout, the deal will also see Ericsson provide TDC with a range of solutions to deliver its Digital Denmark initiative which helps mobile broadband subscribers, enterprises, industries, and society to capitalise on the opportunities of 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Industry 4.0.

“I am truly excited that TDC will now start to build the infrastructure of the future in partnership with Ericsson and enable a Digital Denmark with the best nationwide wireless network. 5G will bring a step change in capacity, internet speed and intelligent connectivity – in other words – 5G will empower a new era for the digital economy and will allow Denmark to build on its position as a global digital frontrunner,” said Allison Kirkby, president and CEO, TDC Group.

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