Press Release

Full Fibre’s Fibre Heroes light their first cabinet in Droitwich Spa allowing (hundreds) of residents to access an ultrafast, full fibre network.

Full Fibre’s Fibre Heroes light their first cabinet in Droitwich Spa, one of many cabinets expected as part of the town’s rollout with a full fibre network.

This rollout is expected to futureproof the towns connectivity infrastructure and place Droitwich spa at the forefront of the FTTP revolution.

Fibre Heroes are a wholesale network provider allowing partnered ISP’s to access their network and provide a full fibre network to residents within their build towns.

Area General Manager of the region for Fibre Heroes, Gareth Yardley, added:

“It’s been an honour to build the network in Droitwich. The town has been underserved for a long time, so providing this full fibre network is a real achievement.

Getting the network live and able to serve a large proportion of the town has been a challenge and that challenge will continue as we work to make sure it is available to every property.

However, knowing the difference it will make to local people for generations to come makes the job worthwhile.”

MP Nigel Huddleston said:

“Developments like this are key to the Governments’ policy of improving the nation’s connectivity and levelling up more generally. This will come as welcome news to local business as well as those residents that have struggled to work from home in recent years. It’s fantastic to see Droitwich leading the way with new lightning-fast, reliable broadband”.

Cllr Bob Brookes, Chairman of Worcestershire County Council and member of Droitwich Town Council, added:

“Full Fibre has been a long time coming. The existing Fibre to the Cabinet, Copper to the Home network has served the town well but will rapidly become obsolete. Only a complete fibre connection will secure town’s future connectivity, so I’m delighted that Droitwich is in the vanguard of this digital revolution and that no property will be left in the slow lane”.

For Editors:
Full Fibre’s Fibre Heroes is a wholesale telecoms network provider looking to connect the underserved towns of the UK with a superior broadband connection.
It has 4 regional teams across the West of the country in Exeter, Ledbury, Telford and Derby.
Helping level the digital landscape, Fibre Heroes builds fibre optic networks offering Fibre to the Premises to the residents of the build towns. This allows for much faster internet speeds to be provided to the customers of the local area.
The organisation prioritises towns that have been previously overlooked by larger corporations who have deemed these areas ‘unprofitable’.
Fibre Heroes operates its network as a wholesale-only platform, aiming to supply a healthy, competitive marketplace to both smaller, local Internet Service Providers (ISP) and national, more well-known ISP’s. This allows the power to be in the hands of the customer who have a range of providers to choose from.
Additionally, Fibre Heroes offer extensive marketing and lead generation support to smaller ISP’s who do not have the resources to be heard in their local communities. This is done through their website
Fibre Heroes was founded by its CEO Oliver Helm in 2021 and is led by a management team with decades of expertise and knowledge between them. In 2020, Fibre Heroes’ parent company Full Fibre secured a deal with multi-billion-dollar investment fund Basalt allowing for greater innovation and injection of finance into our local build towns.