Press Release

Fivetran, the leading provider of automated data integration, today announced that Google has named Fivetran as a Premier Partner, the highest achievable status reserved for Google Cloud partners. Google Cloud Premier Partners demonstrate top levels of technology collaboration, domain expertise, and business impact with Google Cloud.

As evidence of the growing partnership between Fivetran and Google, the overall volume of data ingested into Google Cloud’s BigQuery has more than doubled over the past 12 months following the official partnership and integration of Fivetran with Google Cloud’s Data Transfer Service (DTS) for BigQuery.

Google Cloud customers can utilise DTS to easily deploy Fivetran connectors for more than 150 data sources, including Salesforce, Marketo, Adwords, NetSuite, Postgres, Aurora and Oracle, all of which are available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. After a five-minute setup, Fivetran automatically ingests and centralises data from the selected SaaS applications into a ready-to-analyse schema in the BigQuery data warehouse. Fivetran data pipelines are fully managed and highly available with zero maintenance, so customers can focus on analytics rather than data engineering.

“Organisations are increasingly looking to the cloud for data storage and analytics, and we are delighted to partner with Fivetran to make it incredibly easy for customers to bring their data into BigQuery,” said Sudhir Hasbe, director of product management for smart analytics at Google Cloud. “This increase in data volume is indicative of the benefits that customers are seeing from BigQuery, including advanced and predictive insights, high levels of security, accelerated time-to-value, and much more.”

Using Fivetran automated data connectors, BigQuery users can see faster time-to-value by reducing the setup and maintenance overhead typically incurred when centralising disparate data sources. In contrast to traditional extract-transform-load (ETL) pipelines, which add an extra tier for pre-processing, Fivetran’s extract-load-transform (ELT) architecture ingests data directly into BigQuery for analysis. When source schemas and APIs change or update, Fivetran connectors automatically adjust to accommodate the changes.

“As one of the first external partners of Google Cloud DTS for BigQuery, Fivetran is thrilled with the success of our connectors on the Google Cloud Marketplace and honoured to have earned Premier Partner status,” said Logan Welley, vice president of alliances for Fivetran. “What’s even more exciting is the overall growth of our Google Cloud partnership as evidenced by the huge data volumes we are loading into BigQuery every day. We are humbled to see how aligned Google Cloud is with one of our core beliefs — that cloud-first, fully managed data services should not only be powerful and scalable, but also as easy and reliable as electricity.”

Once data is replicated from siloed sources into BigQuery, Google Cloud customers can use any of the analytics and data science tools from other BigQuery partners, including Looker and Tableau, as well as Google Cloud products, such as Data Studio, BigQueryML and Cloud AutoML.

BigQuery customers can use Fivetran connectors free of charge during a 14-day trial period. To get started, navigate to the Google Cloud Marketplace Fivetran page to see a list of data sources, select a source, and click enrol. Then follow the on-screen instructions, which only take a few minutes. Organisations that are not yet BigQuery customers can start a Fivetran trial and spin up a managed BigQuery instance from the Fivetran website (at no cost to the customer during the duration of the trial).

Here’s what customers are saying about Fivetran and BigQuery:

“By using Fivetran technology, Salesforce data in Google BigQuery, and the clinical and genomics data in the Compass data warehouse, we now have the ability to deliver the most valuable data to researchers to help support grants and advance personalised medicine more efficiently, saving approximately 40 hours of work per quarter.” – Joyce Mui, Programme Manager, University of Colorado School of Medicine

“I’d say I’ve got my Mondays back. With Fivetran and BigQuery, things like segmenting data are now instant. One year ago, creating these reports was pretty much all I would work on, but now I can just let it run, while I look at more efficient ways to add value. A whole new level of analytics is suddenly possible. It’s a very exciting time.” – Ed Mancey, Head of Business Intelligence, Brandwatch