Press Release

FNT Software, the leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of IT, data center, and telecommunication infrastructures worldwide, today announced the release of FNT ProcessCenter. For greater visibility into all infrastructure processes, FNT ProcessCenter features user-specific workflows, provides integrated work order management, and monitors the provisioning of hardware and services via a central request portal.

As enterprises across all industry sectors become hybrid with a rapidly growing range of infrastructure components and change procedures, it is increasingly difficult for IT departments to orchestrate the many process workflows between the various parties. To simplify infrastructure management and increase transparency for all provisioning and change processes, FNT ProcessCenter brings multiple components together within a single management system.

FNT ProcessCenter is fully integrated in the FNT Command Platform and leverages the software’s documentation and planning functionalities to enable end-to-end process management for all changes made to the existing IT, data center, or network infrastructure. This integration makes both internal workflows and the control of external service providers more efficient. It also ensures that all changes are documented appropriately within the FNT infrastructure repository.

“To support the advanced technologies and services required in today’s digital economy, IT and network infrastructures are becoming more and more complex,” said Steve MacDiarmid, Executive Managing Director, North America, at FNT Software. “FNT ProcessCenter enables IT departments to efficiently manage modern infrastructures despite this growing complexity. By providing a high degree of standardization, transparency, planning, and orchestration, FNT ProcessCenter is particularly beneficial for integrated provisioning and change processes starting from the initial request all the way to implementation.”

FNT ProcessCenter is fully integrated in the FNT Command Platform and consists of three components including Workflow Engine, Work Order Management and Request Handling. The Workflow Engine component within FNT ProcessCenter permits IT, data center and network infrastructures to be managed flexibly via workflows. Work Order Management enables the control and implementation of infrastructure changes with the help of order structures. As a result, external and internal service providers in particular can be optimally integrated via work orders. Request Handling enhances the work order and workflow functionality with a central portal for the provision of IT and infrastructure related products and services. Requests can be made via the portal from internal or external customers and processed with a defined workflow and/or Work Order Management. All three components have a modular microservice architecture and can be combined freely with each other as needed for specific applications and requirements.

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