Press Release

Gamma has chosen Highlight to help deliver the highest level of customer experience. Gamma is offering Highlight’s monitoring services to its large to medium sized enterprise customers so that they have clear, real-time visibility into the performance of their managed communications, including voice, data and mobility services.

David Macfarlane, a managing director at Gamma, says, “Highlight enables us to watch over our customers’ experiences as we strive to remove the burden of customers having to manage their own communications infrastructure.

“In the past, we had one monitoring tool for our broadband environment and another for our Ethernet services, but were missing the ability to monitor our customers’ applications,” adds David. “Highlight was the silver bullet. We now use Highlight internally to monitor the infrastructure and applications across our customers’ environments, but the big bonus is that we share the same tool with customers so they can see how everything is performing. No information is redacted and all data is real-time, so customers can hold our feet to the fire to ensure they get the services they expect.”

Highlight’s cloud application is integrated within the Gamma network. It monitors every end point that Gamma supplies, both direct and indirect, capturing the data from equipment which is then processed by Gamma’s platform and fed automatically into its monitoring and ticketing system. If Highlight picks up an issue – anything from basic availability through to application miss-performance – tickets are raised on Gamma’s platform for an engineer to action.”

Highlight has enabled Gamma to move up the value chain in terms of the management information it gives to customers. And customers really value it.

“All our direct customers have access to Highlight and we’re now layering Highlight on to our products, so channel partners can also see the value; they will be able to monitor and share Highlight with their customers who use Gamma infrastructure,” adds David. “Going forward we want to have more application visibility to deliver greater detail into the quality and responsiveness of the applications.”

Gamma also uses Highlight for planning. As a large network operation, Highlight monitors some of Gamma’s core infrastructure; helping to identify any potential issues. “Mean-time-to-innocence is a favourite term we use and Highlight allows us to get to what ‘isn’t’ at fault very quickly, so we can then drill down to an engineering level to find the issue,” confirms David.

“The benefits of Highlight are numerous. As a SaaS-based platform, we only consume what we need, when we need it. This means we haven’t had to make large capital investment in complex tools that quickly go out of date. Working with Highlight has been exceptional. It is a high value relationship where they are looking beyond the product at how they can help me solve the challenges in my business.”