Press Release

GCI Communication Corp. (“GCI”) has selected Eirteic to implement a new service assurance platform which will enable GCI to retire multiple legacy tools, such as IBM Netcool, SolarWinds & Cacti. This partnership will allow GCI to enhance productivity and agility, while significantly improving operating efficiencies leading to improved customer experience. Eirteic is a specialist enabler and software integrator that thrives upon delivering major change and tangible results.

Through this partnership, GCI will retire it legacy tools for Fault and Performance Management functionality. Eirteic will deploy a new platform, Assure1, to deliver a better operational experience and enable end-to-end unified service and performance and fault management across legacy and dynamic virtualized domains.

“Working with Eirteic, GCI will integrate its infrastructure under a common system, utilizing innovative solutions and improve overall capabilities,” said Keith Casey, GCI Technical Assistance Center VP. “The change will result in increased customer satisfaction, decreased network downtime, and unified monitoring across multiple systems into a single reporting system. We are confident that our partnership with Eirteic will deliver tangible results that will enhance our customer experience leadership position.”

“Eirteic helps our clients provide the service that customers not only demand, but expect from an integrated telecommunication provider,” said Patrick Buttimer CEO, Eirteic.,“We are pleased to partner with GCI to enable this critical digital transformation ."