The GSMA has praised the German government for releasing the spectrum in a timely and efficient manner, saying that the move would help to safeguard the roll out process of next generation networks in Germany

The German government has revealed that it will release the entire suite of C-band spectrum (3.4 – 3.8GHz) for use by mobile network operators to rollout 5G services in the country.

C-band spectrum will be crucial to smooth, successful deployment of a comprehensive range of 5G services, according to experts at the GSMA.

“The C-Band is the most vital frequency band for 5G. Germany is demonstrating 5G leadership in the timely release of this vital spectrum, but risks undercutting its 5G future with unnecessary obligations,” said Mats Granryd, director general, GSMA.

“Spectrum is a limited resource and it must be used and managed as efficiently as possible to ensure a 5G future that will benefit all.”

The release of the entire C-band suite of spectrum for 5G use should ensure wider, nationwide coverage, particularly in Germany’s rural and hard to reach communities.

"To provide extensive rural coverage of mobile services, a combination of frequencies will be essential. Therefore, coverage obligations should provide the possibility of using any – and all – spectrum at an operator’s disposal to achieve the ambitious coverage conditions and deliver the best quality of services for consumers and industry," the GSMA said in a statement to the press.

Germany is expected to proceed with its 5G spectrum auction in the first quarter of 2019, with the first 5G mobile network services expected in the country by 2020.  

In other news, Deutsche Telekom’s CEO, Tim Hottges, has told the Financial Times that any attempt by Germany’s telecoms regulators to impose shared access agreements on his company’s network infrastructure could risk jeopardising investment in rural communities. A number of telcos in Germany have demanded access to DT’s network infrastructure in a bid to speed up 5G rollout across the country.

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