The partnership will bring gigabit capable full fibre broadband to 200 communities across the UK

Voneus and Gigaclear have formed a partnership to work together on delivering super-fast broadband connectivity to rural communities throughout the UK. Voneus will become a retail service provider, offering a wide range of services over Gigaclear’s networks, which are capable of providing download speeds of 1 Gbps. 

The strategic partnership offers Gigaclear the opportunity to expand its fibre to the home network by 200 communities, spread across 20 counties in the UK.

“Just like Voneus, Gigaclear is entirely focused on bridging the digital divide for those rural communities which, for far too long, have been stuck in the broadband slow lane,” said Paul Lawrence, director of strategic partnerships at Voneus.

“By joining forces, the two companies can offer genuinely high-speed broadband services while at the same time cut waiting times. This partnership will provide rural communities with internet speeds that exceed those available in urban centres.”

The village of Rode in Somerset is one of the first communities set to benefit from this new partnership, with the prospect of gigabit capable broadband set to revolutionise internet access in the area.

“A couple of years ago, our village had download speeds of below one megabit per second. Surfing the web was a thoroughly frustrating experience, while the idea of streaming movies or making video calls was completely unthinkable,” said Steve Eyles, chairman of the Rode Parish Council.

“This all changed when Voneus hooked us up to its broadband infrastructure, which transformed the lives of the residents and businesses of Rode. To know that we, a small village in Somerset, could soon gain access to even faster, Gigabit speeds is mind blowing, and illustrates how committed these two firms are to supporting rural communities.”

Voneus has been on an expansion drive recently and only last week signed a deal to acquire Sugar Net, in a bid to boost its reach to rural communities.

Boosting connectivity across the UK’s hard-to-reach communities will be a key area of focus at this year’s Connected Britain event. With its meticulously constructed conference agenda, Connected Britain will bring together the key stake holders in Britain’s broadband community.