Press Release

Network consultancy improves stability, latency, resilience and coverage across the distillery’s WiFi

Glenmorangie, the world-famous whisky distillery owned by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, has substantially enhanced and extended its corporate WiFi network following a connectivity project undertaken with enterprise IT specialist Systal Technology Solutions.

The Glenmorangie business was experiencing a range of connectivity and reliability issues with the wireless network at a number of its offices, warehouses and distillery sites. The distiller engaged Systal to carry out a Wireless Active Measured Survey, which mapped out a comprehensive picture of current performance and a framework for improvement.

Following the survey Systal’s engineers were able to improve connections to the corporate WiFi network across the entire Glenmorangie infrastructure, as well as reduce instances of network latency.

Following these improvements, Systal carried out a second survey to create side-by-side visualisations of differences before and after the project. This ensured that improvements were a direct result of technological and networking interventions, rather than other factors.

The efficiency of Glenmorangie’s warehouse staff has now increased, and members of staff in the head office are also experiencing improved WiFi connectivity, enabling them to focus on both immediate tasks and longer-term business strategy without network disruption.

“Reliable wireless networking is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a business critical service,” said Gary O’Neil, Director at Systal.

“However, it can be difficult to identify the root of a connectivity problem, especially when a network has grown up organically over time, and covers a range of different environments.

“Our consultancy process allows problems to be identified and resolved quickly without disruption to the business and we’re proud to have implemented it at such an iconic distillery.”

Grant Mckay, Glenmorangie’s Infrastructure Team Lead, said “We used Systal to provide site survey and health assessments of our Wireless Infrastructure as we were experiencing coverage and roaming issues and I have to say this was money well spent. They were quickly able to provide guidance and recommendations which addressed our issues as well as provide the engineering resources to support the required infrastructure changes. I would definitely recommend.”